Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Crash at Cannibal Valley by Jerry Jenkins

Recommendation: Highly Recommended

Book #1 In the AirQuest Adventure series does not disappoint! In his masterful way, Jerry Jenkins again delivers an adventure that will keep your kids engaged and asking for the next book.

Chad and Kate Michaels are anxious for their dad, a fighter pilot, to come home. He has been gone for six weeks - and today is the day they will get to see him again. As they wait for their mom to pick them up at school they receive some devastating news, their mom has been in a car accident and she is dead. As a result of this tragic and life-changing event, Chad & Kate's father decides to sell his business and retire from being a fighter pilot so they can be together as a family. He then tells the kids he has a new venture for them - he wants to use his piloting skills and knowledge to help missionaries around the world, and he wants Chad and Kate to come with him when he travels.

Chad is less than thrilled when dad announces that they will be spending their summer in Indonesia - helping a mission agency there. One day they were to fly Dr. Howlett, the president of the Inter-Indonesia Mission, to a remote area to visit some missionaries and then on to another small city. During the second leg of the flight, as Dr. Howlett points out that they are flying over an area where he once met some cannibals, they encounter serious problems and end up crashing the plane. Dr. Howlett is killed during the crash. Kate and Mr. Michaels are seriously injured, Chad is the only one able to save them. In spite of his intense dislike for everything outdoors, Chad faces these challenges head on as he knows it is the only way to save his family.

Positives: An excellent adventure that will appeal to both boys and girls. Jenkins again addresses difficult issues and allows his characters to realistically struggle through. Though these kids have heard about God and profess Christ, they, like all of us, at times question what God is doing.

Negatives: None

Talking Points: This story provides great opportunity to talk about God's sovereignty (Ps. 115:3). Help your child think through and understand what it means to trust God in all circumstances (Prov. 3:5-6). Use Rom. 8:28 to explain how we don't always see the "good" in what God is doing in our lives, but He promises that it is good.

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