Monday, October 4, 2010

Flat Stanley - His Original Adventure by Jeff Brown

Recommendation: Recommended

I have heard of Flat Stanley books for some time and was aware of the Flat Stanley project that many schools take part in. My oldest son did the project several years ago and my middle son read several stories last year and will participate in the school project this year. I thought it would be well worth my time to read at least the original book.

One morning the Lambchop Family awakens to find that young Stanley has been flattened by the bulletin board during the night. Once he gets used to it, he finds that being flat isn't so bad. He can do some great things like slide under closed doors, get mailed to a friends house for a visit and fly like a kite.  He even stops thieves from stealing artwork from the art gallery.

Finally Stanley's brother has an idea. He takes his bicycle pump and is able to inflate Stanley so he is no longer flat! The whole family celebrates.

Positives: A cute little story that is imaginative and will entertain very young children. Young readers may enjoy it, but I believe 4-5 year olds would enjoy listening to it as well.

Negatives: While there wasn't anything in the story I disliked, it wasn't the most captivating story I've ever read and some of it seemed quite silly. That said, most kids will overlook these things and enjoy the story.

Talking Points: I don't want to pretend that there are lots of spiritual implications in this story. You could talk about the jealousy Stanley's brother experienced. You could also use Col. 3 to discuss relationships, particularly those within a family.

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