Tuesday, October 12, 2010

From Head to Toe by Eric Carle

Recommendation:  Highly Recommended

Now that my youngest is 5, I don't read Eric Carle books as often as I once did, and that saddens me a bit. Every copy in our home of an Eric Carle book is taped together and the wear and tear goes to show how much we have enjoyed these books over the years.

From Head to Toe is a great book for active young children as it urges them to participate in the story. Each page uses a different animal and shows an action that they can do and then asks "Can you do it?" To which the child replies "I can do it!"

Positives: I love everything about Eric Carle from the simple and repetitive patterns of speech to the colorful and unique artwork that only Carle produces. Your kids will love reading this book over and over again.

Negatives: None

Talking Points: Use this story to talk about how wonderfully God created our bodies (Ps. 139). You can also talk about the many wonderful animals God created.

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