Monday, November 1, 2010

Olivia by Ian Falconer

Recommendation: Recommended

A delightful little story about a young girl (pig actually) and her family. A book full of personality! A simple yet very entertaining book, especially for young girls.

Positives: The illustrations are supberb! While the story line is simple, it really captivates and holds the attention of young children.

Negatives: Olivia's "big" personality may come across as selfish and unkind.  Some of her behavior would not be acceptable in our home. Towards the end of the story Olivia bargains with her mother about the number of bedtime books they will read. Mom goes along and gives in to her bargaining.

Talking Points: I have talked mainly about 2 things from this book with my daughter. First, the punishment Olivia receives for painting on the wall would look different at our house. We simply talk about what happens in our home when we disobey and secondly the idea of bargaining. In our home there is a proper way to make an appeal to mom or dad so we talk about how we do that and reinforce this concept.

Age Level: 2-4 year olds

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