Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Rhyme-Time Book of Christian Virtues by Michael Waite

Recommendation: Recommended

Join Suzy Swoof, Sylvester the Jester, Maggie the Mighty and many others in some rhyming fun and learn some Christian virtues. This wonderful light-hearted collection of short stories will keep your kids entertained while they are learning! Kids will learn about kindness, forgiveness, thankfulness and obedience - and your tongue will be tied as you share these stories with them.

Positives: Who doesn't like a book that teaches Christian character? These stories are well told and beautifully illustrated to capture your child's attention. Your child will easily be able to relate to the situations the various characters are put in.

Negatives: In a couple of stories there seems to be a lack of consequences for wrong behavior. Also, I do not like how the last story ends. The character who was behaving badly (Sleeter the Cheater) is treated rudely and thrown out of the game. There is no offer of forgiveness or attempt at reconciliation.

Talking Points: At the end of each story is a Bible verse.Use these verses to talk to your child about the particular character trait in each story.

Age Level: 4-7, older kids may enjoy reading this to younger ones as well.

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