Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Story of Noah by Patricia Pingry

Recommendation: Recommended

This great little board book is an excellent way to introduce your young child to Bible stories.  The text is short and simple and the illustrations are colorful and will appeal to young children.

Positives: While many children's Bible stories stray from the actual Biblical account this one stays quite accurate and is able to simply tell the story of Noah.

Negatives: I don't like the ending where it tells us that the meaning of the rainbow is to tell us that God loves us. It means so much more than that! It means God is faithful and merciful to us. The rainbow is a visible reminder of an everlasting covenant that God made between himself and all people on the earth.  Even if concepts are difficult for children to understand we should begin talking about them and discussing them at a young age.

Talking Points: Bible story books are great tools, but they cannot replace the living, breathing Word of God. Open your Bible to Genesis 6-9 and read the story from your Bible.  Emphasize with your children the importance of the Bible and why we believe what it says, and not other books. Also teach them that Bible stories are about God. The story of Noah is great, not because we get to hear about the animals and the flood but because it shows us the holy character of God. At the end of any Bible story you should ask them, "What does this Bible story teach us about God?"

Age Level: 0-4

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