Thursday, December 2, 2010

Mary Did You Know? by Mark Lowry

Recommendation: Highly Recommended

Thy lyrics to this well-known Christmas song by the same title are captured in this book with illustrations and Scripture references.

Mary Did You Know is a series of questions that ultimately point us to the message found throughout Scripture, that Jesus is God in the flesh.

Positives: Kids love to ask questions and the questioning format of this book is appealing to them - and it gives them answers straight from Scripture! The language is simple and I think this would be a great book to read as a family and talk about.

Negatives: They use Scripture quotations from several translations. I prefer to stick with one translation. This is easily rememdied by just getting out your own Bible!

Talking Points: Get your Bible out and look up and discuss each Scripture given throughout the book. Talk about the mystery of the incarnation, how God could become man. Share with your child from the Scriptures given in the book, and others, how we know this to be true, that Jesus was fully God and fully man. You could take several evenings and go through one Scripture at a time during the weeks surrounding Christmas. This book can be a great tool to dig into Scripture with your child and learn together about your precious Savior, Jesus Christ. These Scriptures might be helpful as well, John 1 (particularly the first 34 verses), Phil. 2:1-11, Col. 1:13-22).

Age Level: 0-6 will enjoy reading it, but a great book for the entire family!

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