Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Pashmina the Little Christmas Goat by Geraldine Elschner

Recommendation: Recommended

A family is getting ready to celebrate Christmas, but they have only potatoes and beans to eat. So father goes out hunting to find something special for their Christmas dinner. As he trudges through the deep snow he comes across a little goat, caught in the branches and deep snow. He frees the goat and carries him home. As soon as the children see the goat they fall in love and named the goat Pashmina and of course they could not eat the goat for Christmas. They enjoy their beans and potatoes and the company of their new pet. As the goat grows he produces lots and lots of beautiful soft, white wool. Mother uses the wool to make things and sells it in the market. Soon their is enough money to buy another goat, and many more baby goats follow. However, the beautiful Pashmina continues to give them lots and lots of beautiful white, soft wool, maybe as a way to thank them for rescuing her on that Christmas Eve.

Positives: A touching story that your kids will enjoy.

Negatives: Nothing

Talking Points: There is a great word picture of the goat being caught in the branches and snow that reminds me of the story from Gen. 22 when God tested Abraham and asked him to sacrifice Isaac. At the end of the story God provides a ram - caught in a thicket. Read this story and talk about God's provision for your family, physically and spiritually. There is also an element of sacrifice woven through this story and the fact that Pashmina is a goat immediately draws you to the sacrificial system in the Old Testament when Jews had to offer animals to cover their sin. Read Hebrews 9 and 10 to learn about how Christ fulfilled the requirements of the Law once and for all. When we think of sacrifice at Christmastime we also think of what Christ sacrificed by coming leaving the Father, his home in heaven and coming to the earth as a human baby (Phil. 2). We cannot stop there though, we must recognize the ultimate sacrifice that Jesus made in dying on the cross for sin. Study the Gospel accounts of his crucifixion and also look at II Cor. 5:14-21 and Isa. 53.

Age Level: 3-6

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