Monday, December 27, 2010

Precious Moments Storybook Bible by Jennifer Morgan Gerelds

Recommendation: Recommended

I have never been a Precious Moments fan and I am a skeptic when it comes to Bible Storybooks. This book however I found to be quite good. A number of classic Bible stories are presented in easy to understand language for children. The illustrations are what you would expect from anything with the Precious Moments label on it.

Positives: I enjoyed the introduction to the book which tells parents that the greatest thing they can do is to introduce their children to God and His Word. My favorite section of the book was the "Words of Praise and Wisdom." The Psalms and Wisdom literature are often overlooked in Bible storybooks and this section was not only a wonderful addition to the book but I also thought the text was very nicely done. I also liked that they included the Scripture references at the beginning of each story.

Negatives: As I already said, I am not a big fan of Bible storybooks. Most Bible storybooks are not biblically accurate. There are a few instances in this book as well. The story of creation left out the day of rest that God created. The story of David and Goliath teaches that the stone that hit Goliath in the head is what killed him. My least favorite "story" from the book was the "Sermon on the Hill." I thought the wording in a couple of the Beatitudes did not give a clear picture of what the Bible says. Please read these carefully from Matt. 5 and try to explain as best you can to your young child. For example, "Those who are sad are happy because God will comfort them." This truth talks about those who mourn over their sin, not just people who are sad. God will bring comfort to those who recognize and confess their sin to Him. I know these may seem like small things, but when it is the Word of God, it is important.

Talking Points: As I've already stated, have your Bible next to you when you read this book. Look up the Scripture references given with each story and fill in the details that are missing. Most of these stories are accurate with what they do say, but so much is left out. I know the idea is to make short stories for kids, but don't underestimate your child! Take one story at a time and learn it thoroughly. The important thing to remember in reading these stories is to point your child to what the story tells us about God and his character.

Age Level: 0-5 years old

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