Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Secret Agent Dingledorf: The Case Of The Chewable Worms by Bill Myers

Recommendation: Recommended

Bernie Dingledorf (aka - Secret Agent Dingledorf) once again encounters an unusual situation and must act to stop it. It seems the whole world is falling under a spell and has begun to eat worms - and enjoying them. He tries to ignore it, but is soon thrown head first into saving the world.

Positives: I thought the theme of helping others was much clearer in this book than in some of the others in this series. Though reluctant at first, Bernie learns that helping others is what God wants us to do.

Negatives: While I may find the storyline a little too silly, that is my adult opinion and I believe the intended audience will thoroughly enjoy these books.

Talking Points: This story uses Gal. 6:9-10 which talks about doing good to others. Read these verses and talk about how your family and your children can put them into practice.

Age Level: 6-8 year olds (I think these books will appeal mostly to boys)

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