Thursday, February 3, 2011

Of Thee I Sing by Barack Obama

Recommendation: Recommended

In this book, written as a letter to his daughters, Obama uses the lives of some famous Americans as examples we are to follow. He urges his daughters, and all children, to be brave like Jackie Robinson, to be strong like Helen Keller, to be kind like Jane Addams, and to be inspiring like Cesar Chavez.

Positives: I enjoyed the short biographical information given for each person, particularly at the end of the book, and that some of the people chosen were new to me.

Negatives: The format of the letter confused me. On some pages he was telling his daughters they already possessed the different qualities he was writing of rather than encouraging them grow in these areas.

Talking Points: Find Biblical characters that reflect these and other character traits that you want to instill in your child. The bravery of Esther, Joseph and Joshua, the wisdom of Solomon, the kindness of Ruth, the faith of Abraham and Moses. Read Hebrews 11 with your child. One of the questions asked is “Have I told you that you are part of a family?” Teach your child about the importance of the body of Christ – the church. As believers we are part of the family of God – his adopted sons and daughters.  Read I Cor. 12 and Eph. 4

Age Level: 3-7

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