Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Prince's Poison Cup DVD by R.C. Sproul

Recommendation: Highly Recommended

R.C. Sproul narrates this beautifully done DVD that uses the illustrations from his book along with a musical underscore that draws children into the story. While I still prefer a book to a DVD, this would be an excellent choice for entertaining and educating your child for a few minutes!

In the setting of a grandfather telling a story to his granddaughter, The Prince’s Poison Cup tells the story of a prince who is willing to drink poison from the fountain in order to restore the hearts of the people of the Kingdom to his father, the King. The allegorical language is easy for a child to understand.

Positives: This DVD is of top-notch quality. The narration, illustrations and music are well-balanced to tell this heart-touching story. As a bonus on the DVD, R.C. Sproul also explains the different parts of the allegory and what they stand for from Scripture. This is a great tool for parents to make sure their child grasps the true meaning of the story. I also loved that it was just over 12 minutes long. A great length for young kids.

Negatives: None

Talking Points: Talk about the different parts of the allegory and what they stand for. The Fountain that they were not to drink from is the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil from Gen. 2. The cup is in reference to Christ’s prayer in Luke 22:42 when He asks the Father to “remove this cup from me,” the cup of God’s wrath. There are many more, use the bonus material from the author as well.

Age Level: 3-9

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