Thursday, March 10, 2011

Freckleface Strawberry by Julianne Moore

Recommendation: Highly Recommended

This book was suggested to me months ago (Thanks Angela!) and I was finally able to track it down.

Freckleface Strawberry is just like any other girl- in that she is a unique human being! However she has freckles, lots and lots of freckles, that she despises. When all her efforts to make them go away are fruitless, she decides to cover them up. Eventually she realizes that her friends like her for who she is and that like her freckles, her friends are numerous.

Positives: This book addresses issues deeper than just red-hair and freckles - being content with the way God made you. In our culture where girls in particular are being bombarded with messages regarding their appearance, this book offers a great approach to the topic.

Negatives: None

Talking Points: Using Psalm 139 as a starting point, talk to your child about how they are "fearfully  and wonderfully made." God determined before they were born what they were to look like, and He doesn't make any mistakes! Also teach them to not make fun of others because of any perceived differences. We are all unique creations.

Age Level: 3-7

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