Wednesday, April 13, 2011

John Calvin by Simonetta Carr

Recommendation: Highly Recommended
A snapshot portrait of the life of John Calvin for young readers, this book will introduce your child to an early father of the faith. It also provides excellent historical background and basic theological concepts.
Positives: I liked the chapter divisions.  For my youngest (5 years old), we could only read a chapter or two at a time so it was nice to have these stopping points easily laid out for us. The pictures and illustrations enhanced the storyline. We particularly enjoyed the map at the beginning of the book and the pictures of churches. The section at the end titled “Did You Know” was also very useful in understanding the history and the time in which Calvin lived and ministered.
Negatives: None
Talking Points:  In Matt. 5, at the end of what is known as the Beatitudes, Jesus tells us that we are blessed when we are persecuted and reviled for his sake. Talk about how Calvin was persecuted, yet remained true to the Scriptures. What a pattern for us to follow!
Age Level: 7-12 years old

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