Monday, May 30, 2011

Five Alive Christian Heroes by Peggy Wilbur and Marianne Hering

Recommendation: Recommended

This set of 5 Rocket Readers are great for your early reader. They give a brief glimpse into the lives of five Christian Heroes - Gladys Aylward, David Livingstone, Samuel Morris, George Mueller and Corrie ten Boom.

Positives: A short glimpse into the lives of these believers for your early reader. Each book gives a short introduction to the characters for the parent. There is also a brief lesson at the end of the book - a Spiritual Building Block with a Scripture reference to build on the story.

Negatives: Because these stories are written for early readers a lot of explanation is needed to help your child understand who these people are and what they have done to be considered Christian heroes.

Talking Points: Each of these books focuses on one aspect of our spiritual lives - peace, trust, faith and thankfulness. Shortened Scriptures are given at the end of the book. I would also take the time and do some extra research on each of these people and tell your child more of their story.

Age Level: 4-5 years old

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