Thursday, May 19, 2011

Kingdom's Dawn by Chuck Black

Recommendation: Highly Recommended

In the first book of the Kingdom Series we are introduced to Peyton and his son  Leinad. Peyton has faithfully trained Leinad for many years to be a skillful swordsman. Leinad has learned the skill well, but has often questioned in his own heart and mind the reasons for this training. As the story unfolds the reasons become clear. Leinad has been chosen by the King to helpl save his Kingdom or die trying.

Positives: Action and adventure are found with every turn of the page. The biblical allegories are very apparent to young readers with some knowledge of the Bible. The story helps bring Scriptural truths alive. As always, Mr. Black has included a very helpful discussion guide complete with Biblical references to aid you in your discussion with your children.

Negatives: None

Talking Points: Test their knowledge of the Old Testament stories and characters represented throughout the book. Use the discussion guide to help your children see all the Biblical details woven into the story and use the Scriptures that accompany each question to further train them in the mastery of the Sword.

Age Level: 8 years old and up

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