Friday, May 6, 2011

A Time For Everything by Susie Poole

Recommendation: Highly Recommended

This charming board book is a fun and creative expression of Ecclesiastes 3:1-8, with kid-friendly examples of how there are different times for different activities. It shows that certain events have appropriate settings, and that there is a full scope of life’s comings and goings that we can explore and enjoy in the life God has given us.

Positives: Straightforward, practical application of Scriptures. It showcases fun, colorful drawings to make these different scenarios come alive.

Negatives:  None

Talking Points:  This book makes it very easy to talk with your child about the various seasons and times in life when it’s okay to be loud, or when it’s better to be quiet, for example. It covers a nice diversity of times of play, interactions with others, and resting times. These are great springboards for talking about the specifics of your own family life. To take it a bit further, you could (in addition to discussing Eccles. 3:18) also talk about how we are to live in this world and yet be set apart (Rom. 12:2). We can live amongst all kinds of people and be mindful of social conventions while honoring the Lord with our hearts and minds, and even actions that are grounded in our beliefs.

Age level: 0-5

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