Thursday, August 25, 2011

Freckle Juice by Judy Blume

Recommendation: Recommended

Judy Blume has been writing award winning children's books for many years and Freckle Juice has been a favorite of grade school children for over 30 years (Yes, I know from personal experience!).

Andrew Marcus wants freckles. He thinks that if he had freckles, his mother would not notice if he was dirty and then he wouldn't have to wash. His classmate Sharon takes advantage of this knowledge and sells Andrew the recipe for freckle juice which she says is certain to give him freckles.

Positives: It's a cute, funny story that young boys may enjoy. Has some good opportunities for conversations with your child.

Negatives: None

Talking Points: There are several opportunities to have gospel-centered conversations with your child through this story. First, Andrew is not happy with how God made him. We ALL struggle with this one from time to time, right? Be sure that your child understands that they are perfectly created by God (Psalm 139). I would certainly also address the issue of wisdom and friendships. Andrew didn't trust Sharon, yet he desired freckles so badly that he listened to her. Proverbs 6-8 address seeking wisdom and avoiding deception. Help your child learn which friends to listen to. Help them to learn discernment as they interact with their friends, to carefully listen and evaluate their friends words and actions. Along with this, teach them that deceiving their friends is wrong. Deception is a sin and they need to seek to be truth-tellers in their own words and actions.

Age Level: 6-8 years old. This was assigned summer reading for my son before entering 3rd grade. My 1st grader enjoyed it much more than he did.

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