Tuesday, August 30, 2011

It Couldn't Just Happen: Knowing the Truth about God's Awesome Creation by Lawrence O. Richards

Recommendation: Not Recommended

I was very excited to be given the opportunity to read this book. I enjoy reading about creation and reflecting on the imaginative nature of God. Looking at and studying creation teaches us so much about God's intimate care for the earth He created. There were a few chapters that I really enjoyed, but overall I was disappointed. The author sets out to help young people see and understand that Evolution (capital E) is not a fact, but a scientific theory that has been sold as fact. The first section of the book was a little confusing and left me with a lot of questions. I thoroughly enjoyed the middle of the book (Parts 2-4). Here the author peeled back some of the intricacies of God's creation and showed how animals and humans could not possibly have evolved from a single cell. I enjoyed reading and learning so much about God's amazing design. Part 5 left me disappointed however as the author told his readers to search out the interpretations of Scripture that they would believe in. Maybe I misunderstood his words, but it seemed to me that he was allowing for different interpretations of the Bible to be true. God's Word has ONE interpretation, His original intent. We are to study to find His interpretation.

Positives: As I stated earlier, I enjoyed the sections where the author scientifically portrayed the truth of creation. He spoke of how many different things in creation depend on each other to live, he told of the specialties of different animals that would not have survived millions of years to evolve to their current day state. He took many of the arguments of Evolutionists and showed how their arguments actually prove creation.

Negatives: The last section of the book is called "The Book that Didn't Just Happen" and he speaks of how we can trust the Bible. In my opinion this section (even though it was poorly written) should be at the beginning of the book. The truth of creation begins with God's Word, not scientific evidence. Yes, science supports what we read in the Bible, but no matter what science may "appear" to prove, we trust and believe in God's Word. The author also presented several views on creation and how long it took God to create the world. However, he didn't adequately dissect these theories and compare and contrast them with Scripture. He simply led our young readers to believe that they could study and come up with their own interpretation.

Talking Points: Your child has undoubtedly come into contact in some way, shape or form with the ideas of Evolution. As parents it is our job to continually point them to the truth of the Scriptures for what we believe. New "scientific evidence" is constantly brought forth to prove Evolution. We must train our kids to think biblically first. God's Word is true because God IS truth, He cannot lie. Therefore, when He says he created the world in 6 days, that is what we believe. This book is written for older children, probably 11-15 year olds and has some interesting and helpful parts. It may be interesting for you to allow your child to read it and see what their reactions are. Then you can have a great discussion on discernment!
I have provided some links to answer questions about an old earth or a young earth, and a worldwide flood that may be helpful. The entire website is a wonderful resource, but first and foremost get out your Bible and read Genesis 1-9 and see what God has to say about HIS creation.

Age Level: 11-15 year olds

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  1. Indoctrinate people when they don't know the difference between triangles and squares? Sounds about right. Don't let cognitive logic take over, its Satan!


    How about you actually let your kid make a decision? Because you're afraid for their soul? Well you know who put the fear for your soul in you? God. God who is all merciful --> Sends your child to Hell for not believing in him. Sounds like a nice chap.

    See you in Hell.