Monday, September 12, 2011

Baseball for Breakfast by Bill Myers

Recommendation: Highly Recommended

"Jimmy hated to wait." So begins the story of Jimmy a young boy who hated to wait and the thing he disliked the most was waiting to play baseball. One night as Jimmy gets ready  for bed he is thinking about how much he hates waiting. The next thing he knows he is walking to school and finds a pocket watch. This is no ordinary watch though, Jimmy finds out that he can move the hands of the watch and skip the things he doesn't like to do. Pretty soon all he is doing is playing baseball but he finds there are disadvantages to not eating, sleeping or bathing. Pretty soon all his friends are mad at him and life is miserable. Jimmy learns to live each moment of life and enjoy the life God has given him.

Positives: A very creative story that perfectly illustrates for children the need for patience and living life - every moment of every day - to glorify God. Jimmy also learns that he must make difficult choices in life and live with the consequences good or bad.

Negatives: None

Talking Points: I came across this story at a great time in the life of our family. 8 months ago we packed up and moved across several states. Since that time we have been looking to buy a home. In the meantime we have lived in 2 different homes and most of our belongings are packed up in our garage. We have been learning patience (or least trying to!). There are times when we all wanted to move the clock hands ahead and be in a home of our own, but we need to wait for God to bring us the right home at the right time. Ecclesiastes 3 tells us that there is a time for everything, that God has appointed a time for all events. James 1 tells us to consider it a joy to go through trials. Teach your child that every moment is to be lived to glorify God. God teaches us through the difficult times and even doing the things we don't like to do, have a purpose in God's eyes. Teach them to wait for God's best even when the world says you can have it all right now.

Age Level: 3-9 year olds

For any readers in the Middlefield, Ohio area I will be reading this book at the Sparrow Christian Bookshop ( 14962 State Street), for a parent/child reading time on Tuesday, Sept. 13 at 10:00am. Please joins us!

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