Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pibbin the Small by Gloria Repp

Recommendation: Highly Recommended

This first book in the The Friendship Bog Series offers a great family read. Pibbin is a tiny tree frog who lives with his many  friends in Friendship Bog. One day, Sheera the box turtle gets hurt quite seriously and no one knows just what to do. Sheera tells Pibbin that he must go find some sweetberry leaves by the Silver Sea. It is a long trip and no one thinks Pibbin should go, except Gaffer. Gaffer is a wise old frog and he tells Pibbin to be courageous and find a traveling buddy. So, Pibbin and his friend Leeper set out on an adventure. There are many dangers out there, but they know they must return quickly with the sweetberry leaves to save their friend Sheera and they are willing to take the risk.

Postives: A fun and simple story that beautifully illustrates courage, friendship and humility. It is a great book to read as a family but also has short chapters and great illustrations that your blossoming reader will enjoy it as well. Friendship Bog is a real place and on her website, the author has beautiful pictures for you to enjoy. She also provides some pictures in the ebook version of the story along with a map of Friendship Bog.

Negatives: None

Talking Points: This book is full of Biblical topics to talk about with your kids, here are just a few ideas: Pibbin was such a selfless little frog. It didn't matter that he was small or that no one thought he should take the trip he was more concerned about Sheera than himself. Philp. 2:3 tells us to consider others as more important than ourselves. Pibbin certainly  did this. Talk about ways you can prefer other people and show them you  love Jesus (and them) more than yourself. The story of David and Goliath also came to mind while reading this (I Samuel 17). David was young and no one thought he should fight Goliath, but he trusted in God to fight the battle for him. I also loved when Pibbin listened to the wisdom of his wise old friend Gaffer. Children need to learn to listen to and obtain wisdom. Proverbs is continually telling us to gain wisdom (Prov 1:1-7). Teach your children to listen to those who are older and learn from them and to soak up knowledge from the Scripture.

Age Level: 5 years old and up

I received a free copy of the book for this review.

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