Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle

Recommendation: Highly Recommended

This story opens with a tiny flower seed, amongst a group of seeds, which is blown along by autumn wind. The journey on which these seeds embark includes many dangers, and seeds are lost along the way. These challenges naturally present themselves as various seasons, landscapes, and creatures come along as the wind and other natural elements carry the seeds to different locations. In the end, the tiny seed, having endured and escaped all the dangers, is the only one that develops into a large and beautiful plant that bears a gigantic flower. Many enjoy this flower throughout the summer, people and creatures alike. Then autumn comes again with its strong wind, and the tiny seeds of this flower are blown and carried away.

Positives: In classic Eric Carle style, nature’s beauty and variety are well-captured in words and illustrations. This is a story of endurance as well as the natural consequences of the world in which we live. My 7-year-old recently commented on how much she enjoys Carle’s books, even after not having looked at them for a long time.

Negatives: None

Talking Points: Endurance, perseverance, reward, and God’s creation are so wonderfully captured in this book. I could not help but think of the Christian life and our need to endure and persevere throughout the trials and hardships of life, as well as the way God promises that we will be rewarded (Heb. 10:35-36, 1 Pet. 1:3-9). The tiny seed, in part due to its size, seems to be a lesser “player”, so to speak, in the group of seeds as a whole. It had no distinguishing characteristics spoken of, except that it just continued to stay the course. And when it completed the journey, its “death” produced a beautiful flower. Is this not like a Christian dying to oneself in order for the beauty and glory of Christ to be shown in his or her life? (John 12:24, Phil. 1:21) This is a great tool for encouraging a child to lead a peaceful and quiet life (1 Tim. 2:2) before the Lord, knowing that a faithfulness will be rewarded.
Additionally, the glory of God’s creation is clearly displayed in the landscapes, seasons, and creatures involved in this story. All the works of His hands point to Him! (Gen. 1, Psalm 24:1) 

Age Level: (reading to self with help around) 6 years

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