Friday, January 13, 2012

Weight Of A Flame: The Passion Of Olympia Morata by Simonetta Carr

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Recommendation: Highly Recommended

Since being introduced to her series "Biographies for Young Readers" I have become a huge fan of Simonetta Carr's writing. Her passion to teach children about church history, theology and the Word of God is so evident in her work. The 5th book in The Chosen Daughters Series, Weight of a Flame, tells the story of a girl, Olympia Morata, becoming a women wholly devoted to Christ. Though she lived centuries before us, Olympia's story will spur you on in your faith. While given many privileges in this life she came to a point of truly counting all as loss for the sake of knowing Christ - no matter the cost. I highly recommend this book particularly for young girls (and their moms!) to read.

Positives: There are so many things I enjoyed about this book. I loved the historical accuracy that is expertly woven into a descriptive story that captures the imagination and stirs the heart. I was very moved by the story of her transformed life, to see her as a young girl whole-heartedly pursue her academics and then come to the realization that she could use the mind God had given her to glorify Him. Lastly, her deep conviction to encourage others to study and understand the Scriptures and to live a pious and holy life in the face of persecution and death is a wake-up call to our American culture.

Negatives: None

Talking Points: There are 2 verses that kept continually coming to mind while reading this story. The first verse is I Cor. 10:31. Olympia learned the value of doing all things to the glory of God. Talk to your children about the gifts, talents, abilities and opportunities that God places in their lives and how all things should be done with our utmost effort in order to give God the glory. Not only should we put forth our best effort, but our best attitude as well. The other verse is II Tim. 3:12. This verse tells us that if we desire to live a godly life, we will be persecuted. What this will look like, we do not know, but we can pray for strength to glorify God in and through whatever persecution we may face. Talk about the persecution faced by Olympia and her family, talk about the fears and doubts that they had at times. Talk about the peace that comes from a life surrendered to Christ in obedience, no matter what the cost. Challenge your children to stand firm in their knowledge and belief in Christ that they too can pass on a flame of passion for His glory to others.

The author has provided some insight into which parts of the story are true and which are fictional. HERE is a link to her blog if you would like to read about this. It is a 4 part series.

Age Level: 8 years of age and up. It will appeal mostly to girls.

I received a free copy of this book from P& R Publishing for this review.

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