Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Some Changes You'll See...

We are always looking for ways to improve our blog and help meet the needs of our readers. So, from time to time we will may make changes to how we present our reviews.

One of the areas we see a need for an improvement is our Recommendations. Instead of merely "Recommending" or "Not Recommending" a book we are going to implement a star rating system. We hope that this will help you as you choose determine what is best for you, your children and your family to read. Below, we will provide an explanation of how we will rate books from now on. Please, let us know if this is more helpful or if there are other areas we can make changes. We value your comments and feedback.
***** (5-star rating) - These will be books that we are highly recommending for your family to read. These stories will contain material that is spiritually beneficial for your family. While it may not always be a "Christian Book" there will  be great spiritual lessons you can derive from the story to continue to teach and train your children in the ways of Christ.

**** (4-star rating) - These books will be books that will be beneficial for your family to read but are not quite up to the standard of the 5-star rating.

*** (3-star rating) - These are books that may contain questionable material. For example, it may have a great storyline, but some of the content may be inappropriate or questionable. These may also be books that just aren't as well written or thought out.

** (2-star rating) - These will be more poorly written books. Some of these books may contain error or false teaching in them.

* (1-star rating) - These books are poorly written. We may put books in this category that claim to be "christian", but teach things that are contrary to Scripture.

In addition, we will try to include a short explanation as to why we have given a book a particular rating. As always we value your comments so let us know if this is helpful or of other changes you may like to see.


Monique & Vicki

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