Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Beyond the Grave by Jude Watson

Recommendation: ***** (5-star)

Since the death of their grandmother only a few weeks ago, Dan and Amy Cahill  have followed the clues of a treasure hunt and traveled around the globe - Seoul, Tokyo, Venice, Vienna, Salzburg, and Paris, just to name a few. In Beyond the Grave they find themselves in Cairo Egypt and what else do you explore in Cairo than tombs, right? Following the clues left by their grandmother and with the help of some friends they are able to continue their quest to solve the mystery of the 39 clues.

Positives: Another great adventure! We can't read these books fast enough!

Negatives: A couple of instances of kids saying "oh my god."

Talking Points: We continually come back to the topics of lying and trusthworthiness in this series. There is a distinct link between the two. When we lie, we cannot be trusted. Amy and Dan, and all the characters are deceptive. Is lying ok sometimes? Ask your kids what they would do in different situations. Talk about the importance of truth and what God requires of us from His law (Ex. 20:16). Why does God hate lying so much(Prov. 12:22, Prov. 6:16-19, Rev. 21:8)? Why does God love truth (Ps. 15, Ps. 51:6, Ps. 119:43, John 8:31-36, John 16:13, John 17:17)?

Age Level: 9 years of age and up

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