Friday, May 11, 2012

The Viper's Nest by Peter Lerangis

Recommendation: ***** (5-star)

In Book 7 of the the 39 Clues Series Dan and Amy Cahill continue to hunt down clues left for them by their deceased grandmother. In this book the brother and sister find  themselves traveling  from Indonesia to South Africa and following clues relating to Shaka Zulu and Winston Churchill. As they decode messages and learn more secrets they also meet new friends and allies as they escape the Tomas stronghold. Their cousins the Kabras emerge again and this time Dan's life is seriously threatened. They also uncover a truth about their parents which tells them which Cahill branch they belong to, and they can't believe it!

Positives: Another action packed adventure that weaves history throughout.

Negatives: One instance of a character saying "Oh my god!"

Talking Points: The books talks quite a bit about the history of apartheid in South Africa. Talk with your kids about this and other injustices that people have suffered over the years. Talk about modern day injustices, what groups of people are currently being discriminated against? Christians in many countries suffer greatly for their faith. Here is a link to a great resource to learn more about our brothers and sisters who suffer persecution around the world.  How about unborn children? Here is a link for a video that talks about abortion. Please note, you will want to preview this video as it contains graphic images that aren't suitable for young children. Older children may be able to view it with you. How should Christians respond to these issues? Scripture is very clear that all people are created in the image of God (Gen. 1:26-27). As image-bearers of Christ, He sees us each as a precious and unique creation - a small-scale expression of His great glory. We are to treat people as He did. Read James 2 which talks about the sin of partiality. Talk about different ways we can love others in our neighborhood and around the world.

Age Level: 9  years of age and up

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