Friday, July 13, 2012

Storm Warning by Linda Sue Park

Recommendation: ***** (5-stars)

The clue hunt seems to be coming to an end, yet the danger and intensity continue to rise! In Storm Warning Amy and Dan find themselves tracking down the history of their pirate relatives and discovering even more secrets about their family and the one person they thought they could trust, Nellie, their au pair. Betrayal runs deep and the rifts continue to widen between family members as they desparately pursue the power the clue hunt has promised them.

Positives: These books never disappoint when it comes to adventure! Combine that with a little dose of history and your kids will actually enjoy learning (just don't tell them that they are learning anything!). Throughout the series the brother/sister relationship between Dan and Amy has been great to see develop. They learn the importance of family, relationships and integrity. As they watch the other teams they realize they don't want to win this clue hunt at any cost, they want to do it the right way.

Negatives: None

Talking Points: Forgiveness is a hard lesson, one that both Amy and Dan continue to struggle with. Can they  forgive those who murdered their parents? Can they forgive Nellie for betraying them? Can they forgive their grandmother for seemingly abandoning them? The verses of Ephesians 4 kept echoing in my mind as I read this book. Starting in verse 20 and on Paul tells us to put off the "old self" (lying, anger, stealing, laziness...). Instead we are to be renewed in our minds and to speak truth and grace to those around us. Paul's final instruction in this chapter is to forgive others as God, in Christ, has forgiven you. Teach your children that they are never outside of the reach of God's forgiving grace. Then teach them to extend forgiveness to others as they want Christ to forgive them - freely and graciously.

Age Level: 9 years of age and up

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