Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Chomp by Carl Hiaasen

Recommendation: *** (3 stars)

In this hilarious and wild adventure we meet the Cray family - Mickey, Susan and their son Wahoo. Life with the Cray's is a zoo. They actually own and train wild animals in their own backyard! When money gets tight Mickey takes a job working with a reality TV show and he and Wahoo are in for the adventure of a lifetime. The shows star - Derek Badger is arrogant and demanding, as is Mickey, and the two clash until one day Derek disappears. With adventuresome twists and turns this story will keep you captivated til the end.

Positives: This story is funny and riveting at the same time! Your kids will love the well-developed characters and the engaging storyline. The seemingly ridiculous adventures is what make this a great story!

Negatives: When their son Wahoo was born Mrs. Cray put an end to Mr. Cray's profanity. So instead of swearing he now says "bleep," literally. For example, he might proclaim, "What the bleep are you doing?" While it is creative, it does not take away from the fact that he is using profane language.

Talking Points: Your kids will be able to identify with Wahoo. Talk about his character and how he relates to his parents. Talk about how he cares for his friend Tuna and helps her. As Christians, how should we handle a difficult situation like the one Tuna is in? How about helping Derek Badger? Are we kind even to our "enemies" when they are in trouble? Read Matt. 5:43-48, what do these verses tell us about our enemies? Romans 12:14-21 tell us to be kind to our enemies and to overcome evil with good. How well did Wahoo put biblical principles into practice? How well do we? Ask your kids for the names of their friends, neighbors and classmates that they can show this type of kindness too and talk about practical steps they can take to overcome evil with good.

Age Level: 10 years of age and up

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