Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer by John Grisham

Recommendation: **** (4-star)

I was fascinated to find out that best-selling author John Grisham had started a kids series and when I found it at the local library I couldn't wait to start! Young Theodore Boone is the only child of two lawyer-parents. So naturally, he is curious about all things law- related. At 13 years old Theo already knows every judge and court clerk in town and everyone at his middle school knows who to take their problems to. While being able to help his friends is great, Theo also loves to sit and watch trials, and the biggest trial in recent history is about to take place - a murder trial. Theo becomes involved in the case when a witness comes to him for help, but refuses to come forward. What is Theo to do? Will he pursue truth and justice at any cost?

Positives: A great story filled with integrity! Kids will love the storyline and will learn about the legal system as well. Most importantly they will learn the freedom that comes from truth and trusting in the God-given authority we are placed under.

Negatives: I was a bit disappointed in the ending. I was hoping there would be a better conclusion to the story, but I may have to read the sequel for that!

Talking Points: Theodore Boone, like all of us, has a conscience. Talk to your children about the importance of their conscience. God created us to know the difference between right and wrong. His law is written on our hearts. But what happens when we ignore our conscience?  Read Romans 2, particularly verses 14 -16. What do these verses say about our conscience? Talk about how Theo handled the difficult situation he was in. He learned to trust in those God had placed in authority over him. While he did not right away want to go and speak with his parents, he finally realized the wisdom and experience his parents could bring to the situation. God has placed many forms of authority in all of our lives. Teach your children the wisdom of recognizing authority and trusting in God's plan for them as they obey their parents, and as they grow older and are placed under many different authorities (Eph. 6:1-8, Rom. 13:1-7).

Age Level: 8 years of age and up

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