Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Eric Liddell - Are You Ready? by Catherine Mackenzie

Recommendation: **** (4-stars)

This early reader edition tells the story of Eric Liddell. Eric was an excellent athlete who loved to run, but more important to Eric was honoring his God. He became well-known for his refusal to run on a Sunday during the 1924 Olympics in Paris. While Eric enjoyed running and knew that he ran to give God glory, he was more concerned for the souls of lost people. He spent years in China as a missionary where he eventually died during World War II.

Positives: It is clear that Jesus Christ was important to Eric. He sacrificed much to honor and serve his Lord and Savior. The easy language is great for early readers and the illustrations help tell the story well.

Negatives: There were a couple of sentences that were confusing in the book, they didn't seem to express a complete thought. This could be confusing for young readers.

Talking Points: Eric Liddell lived what he proclaimed. He was passionate about telling people about Jesus and his life reflected his belief in the gospel. II Cor. 5:17 tells us that Christians are new creations and that they live in a different way as a result of their heart being changed by the gospel. Talk to your kids about their own hearts, do their actions reflect what they profess? We also see that Eric counted the cost of following Christ. He sacrificed much for the gospel, ultimately dying as a missionary in a prison camp while sharing the gospel with other prisoners. Matt. 16:24-26 and Luke 14:28-33 calls us to count the cost. Don't be afraid to teach your children about the sacrifices Christ calls us to. If you continue to share the gospel as the pearl of great value, they will understand that the cost is worth it.

Age Level: 2-8 years of age (6-8 year olds can read this independently)

I received a free copy of this book from CF4K Publishing in exchange for this review. 

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