Monday, January 7, 2013

When Mother Was Eleven-Foot Four by Jerry Camery-Hoggatt

Recommendation: **** (4-star)

This short story is the endearing memories of a young boy and how his mother always made Christmas so special. In spite of being only four-foot-eleven, his mother was tall on the inside, where it mattered, and she was always at her tallest during Christmas. With 8 children to care for (including her brothers 3 children), mother took great pains to make sure Christmas was a special time, with a big, beautiful tree and plenty of presents to go around. Then one year everything changed. There wasn't money for a Christmas tree or presents and while they made due, mother said she never felt so small as that year. Along the way, her children learn a valuable lesson - a lesson she has taught them well, how to be a giver of gifts.

Positives: A fun and wonderful story to enjoy together with your kids during the Christmas season. The illustrations are beautiful and it captures the magical feel of Christmas that kids enjoy and remember.

Negatives: None

Talking Points: Teaching our kids to be givers can be difficult! And the way in which we celebrate Christmas can either help or hinder them in this area. Talk about how Jesus modeled giving and serving for us. Here are some Scriptures that can be helpful! Phil. 2:1-8, Matt. 20:25-28, John 13:1-15. What an example! It goes against every part of our natural being to forget about ourselves and prefer others. We must teach our kids (and ourselves!) to ask for the help of the Holy Spirit as they root out these areas of pride and selfishness and learn to walk by the Spirit and be humble servants of Christ as they freely give to others.

Age Level: 4-8 years of age

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