Thursday, March 21, 2013

Rock and Roll Literacy with Sigmund Brouwer

My kids with Mr. Brouwer
 Today's post will be a bit unusual, but when you come across something or someone who profoundly impacts you AND your kids AND your kids friends...well, I just have to tell you about it. And while it's not a book review, it is a review of sorts, and I believe fits right in with our desire to help moms (specifically) point their kids to the gospel through the books they read. When you see a life that reflects Christ, you want your kids to be influenced by it in whatever way they can.

This week our school (Burton Elementary) had the privilege of hosting author Sigmund Brouwer. He came to  help us celebrate Right to Read Month and our Young Authors program. I'm not sure that I can even express how impressed our entire school was with Mr. Brouwer, his presentation, and his generous character.  The kids absolutely adored him and the teachers and administration were thrilled with his enthusiasm and genuine passion for kids, reading and writing.

Our Kindergartners listening and laughing

His presentation for students is called "Rock and Roll Literacy." For an entire hour he held the attention of 500 students (K-6th) through song and story. The kids had a great time and came away believing in the power of stories and in their ability to write stories that will make an emotional connection with others. Last night I was talking with one of our third grade students and he pulled out a brand new notebook that he had gotten and had already filled several pages with ideas for his next story. He was so excited to show me and see my reaction to some of his ideas! It was amazing!

Mr. Brouwer also came back that evening and spoke to our students and their parents again, encouraging parents to listen to the stories their children tell. Parents told me that their kids were begging to come back in the evening to hear Mr. Brouwer because they so enjoyed his assembly that afternoon. During the evening we also celebrated our Young Authors program. Each student displayed their own published work for the entire school to read and celebrate. Mr. Brouwer spent the rest of the evening signing books and taking pictures with students. He signed for everyone who asked!

Our PTO was able to purchase one of Mr. Brouwer's books for each student, so the next morning he came back to our school and went around to every classroom to personally hand out each book.  Oh yeah, and he also did a personalized autograph for each book! It was like Christmas morning! Our students were so excited to receive a BOOK!! The entire school was energized by his visit.

As I said earlier, we were very impressed by Mr. Brouwer's generosity. How refreshing to see a professing believer display Christ-likeness and he was able to do it in a public school!!
I would highly encourage you to find a way to bring Mr. Brouwer to your school. Here is a man who is able to go into hundreds of public schools each year and be a servant of Christ.  He views his "job" as an opportunity for ministry and he is excellent at what he does! You will NOT be disappointed!

If you are interested in finding out more about his school program you can click HERE. If you've never heard of Sigmund Brouwer (gasp!) or read one of his books (double gasp!) you can download 3 free e-books HERE.
For those who want to see our regular format this is what I would say:

Recommendation: ********** (10-stars!!) Seriously, 5 stars just isn't enough


Negatives: NOTHING

Talking Points: Your child will be inspired in so many ways by Mr. Brouwer's words and character!

If you have any questions or want more information, please send an email!
I think this was when he was telling the booger story,
or was it the one about drinking toilet water?!

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  1. This was a really sweet blog post. All the kids look so happy and excited and seeing them this happy makes me happy too. Thanks for sharing with us