9 Methods to Improve Keyboard

If you want to easily improve the look, sound, and feel of your mechanical keyboard, you’re in the right place. Even the smallest mods can make a world of difference to your typing experience, and you may discover that you’ve discovered your new favorite hobby.

Are you prepared for the keyboard mods, so you can take keyboard to the next level with some simple modifications? Whether you wish to dive in keyboard mods, learn more in keyboard articles on HelveticaForever – there is something for everyone.

Exchange Your Keycaps

If you’re only interested in aesthetics, pay attention! You can be as creative as you want with the keycaps, and they’re incredibly simple to replace.

Whether you want to simply match your keyboard to your PC, follow a popular trend, or get fancy with unique artisan keycaps (keycaps with different shapes and textures) – it’s entirely up to you (and your budget).
In addition, replacing your keycaps can improve the feel and sound of your keystrokes.

Change the Switches

Want a less noisy and more fluid typing experience? Or perhaps you enjoy a more tactile typing experience accompanied by the satisfying “click-clack” sound?

By utilizing the appropriate switches, it is simple to achieve the desired feel and sound.

An Introduction to Mechanical Switch Types

There are TONS of options when it comes to choosing a switch type! The following three categories can be used to classify mechanical switches:

  • The most fundamental structure type. It is a straight, unobstructed path from top to bottom when the key is pressed. They are activated with minimal force, and there is no audible or tactile response. As they are quieter and have a quick actuation force, these are typically preferred for gaming.
  • Tactile: Have you ever felt the slight bump after pressing a key on certain keyboards? It almost certainly has tactile switches. These allow your fingers to “feel” when a key is pressed.
  • Clickable: A subset of tactile switches. When a key is pressed, you feel a small bump and hear a small click. Generally speaking, this type of switch is louder.

Different colors are used to distinguish between different types of switches, such as red or black for linear switches, brown for tactile switches, and blue or green for clicky switches.

Lubricate Your Switches (and/or install switch films).

If you’re satisfied with your current switches or don’t want to purchase new ones just yet, lubricating the switches is an additional simple way to improve your keyboard.
It can make a MASSIVE difference in the way your keyboard sounds and feels.
Smoother typing and gaming, fewer key wobbles, and no more irritating key noises.

Change Your Stabilisers

Have you ever utilized a keyboard with keys that wiggle? Or a key that is perpetually difficult to turn? Probably, it also emits that irritating clacking sound. Likely, the keyboard’s stabilizers are of poor quality.
For novice keyboard nerds, it is the small component between the key switch and keycap that holds the key in place.
Then, how can you adjust your stabilizers for a more comfortable typing experience? Before attempting to modify the stabs, you must observe a video tutorial and adhere to a three-step process (described below).

Implement O-rings

Affordable, efficient, and incredibly simple to set up? I’m committed! Adding some rubber O-rings to a mechanical keyboard is a further simple modification that enhances its sound quality. It will reduce the force of every keystroke.
And if you know how to replace the keycaps, you know how to install the O-rings as well. Simply place the rings beneath your keycaps to act as a buffer, and you’re all set!

Upgrade to a Custom Cable

No, this will not alter the sound or feel of your keyboard, but it will make you happier at your desk.
Make sure your keyboard has a detachable cable before proceeding. Not everybody does!
The benefits of a customized cable? It can appear very stylish. You can find aesthetically pleasing cables that are either straight or coiled, depending on your preferences. Who would have imagined that connecting a cable to a USB port could be so exciting?

Install Noise-Absorbing Foam

Are you prepared to significantly up your keyboard modding game?
Then you do not wish to sleep on soundproofing foam! You’re about to enjoy an even silkier (or, as some would say, luxurious) typing experience.
Installing foam beneath the keycaps of your keyboard can reduce noise, dampen vibrations, and improve the typing feel overall.
You may also employ bubble wrap, drawer liners, and even putty. Essentially, whatever you can get your hands on (and afford).

Grab a Desk Mat

Want to know the simplest way to improve your keyboard’s sound? It’s foolproof; have faith.
Using a desk mat effectively reduces noise and improves the acoustics of a mechanical keyboard.
How? Simply, a mat reduces the vibration of your keyboard. (And vibrations are sound.)
It’s well worth the small investment, and I guarantee you won’t have any trouble finding a cool design that suits your preferences.

Keyboard Modding FAQ

  • How Do I Customize Keyboard Switches?

Grease them: To reduce friction and abrasion (more information on this is available above!
Shoot them: Insert a thin plastic piece between the top and bottom housings of your switch. This step-by-step guide demonstrates how simple it is.
Replace them with newer, superior models: So many alternatives are available to you! Whether you desire a quieter and smoother experience or prefer the louder click-click keys with discernible bumps, you can modify to your heart’s content!

  • What Does a Modified Keyboard Signify?

It is merely a keyboard that has been modified to improve its appearance, sound, or feel.
Many people enjoy modding mechanical keyboards as a hobby, or they want to gradually upgrade a budget-friendly keyboard.

  • How can I enhance the sound of my keyboard without cost?

If you have mechanical grease or lube, scissors, and Band-Aids lying around the house, you can easily modify your stabilizers and lubricate your switches for free.
You have a desk mat in a drawer full of other items that you’ve long since forgotten. Bring it back to life! Instantaneously, the sound of your keyboard will improve.

  • How do I get my keyboard to click?

Thock is the term used to describe the dreamlike sound produced by the most precise keystrokes (in other words, a deep, low-pitched, extremely satisfying typing noise). How do you get your keyboard to click? Start by attempting one of the simple modifications described in this guide, such as replacing the keycaps or switches, lubricating the components, using a desk mat, installing O-rings or sound-dampening foam, or enhancing the stabilizers.

These were some of the simplest and most fundamental mechanical keyboard mods, and they are an excellent starting point for keyboard enthusiasts who are just getting started.