Book review: The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Dr. Murphy

Dr. Joseph Murphy’s innovative approach to healing human thinking defects is called The Power of Your Subconscious Mind. It deals with the two most important topics: negativity and self-skepticism. As a way to overcome these strong negative forces, he uses prayer. He goes beyond religion and tradition to portray the tool. He views “Desire” not as a negative element, but as something that can guide the mind to the right direction. Desire is the infinite power that transforms the subconscious mind’s mediocre thinking to a state of dynamic force.

The Subconscious Mind and Belief. Surprisingly Dr. Murphy does not distinguish between faith, belief and blind faith in his book. He believes they are all forms of the same power, which transcends all barriers and transforms lives. He warns against believing that others can do harm to oneself and another. To distinguish the good from the evil, one must use the logic of our conscious minds.

End goal:

To achieve your goals, you must be in a state of realization. Imagine an athlete who wants to complete the 100 meter sprint in a given time. The probability of him achieving this goal is increased if he suggests to his subconscious that he has done it before.


Dr. Murphy believes that the subconscious is a powerful tool that works in accordance with the inputs from the conscious mind. The subconscious will follow the same path as the conscious mind if it is fed fear, self-doubt, or other negative inputs. Positive aspects feeding can lead to the desired results sooner or later.

Scientific prayer:

Dr. Murphy says that prayer stimulates the subconscious mind to accept the beliefs of the conscious mind. It does not know logic, reason, analysis, or how to distinguish the good from the bad. The waves of prayer that are started in the conscious mind naturally reach the subconscious and make it strong and flexible. These prayers are said to leave permanent and irrevocable imprints on your subconscious. These prayers are indestructible imprints that the praying person cannot forget, whether they are awake or asleep.

Dr. Murphy then suggests many techniques and methods to help you sleep, be grateful, affirmative, argue, reason, decrement, connect your body to your mind, and so on. He claims that every organ of the human body is intelligent and is not affected by the conscious mind. He cites as examples the functioning of the heart, lungs and white blood cells. When the conscious mind is not disturbed, this intelligence will take care both of the body as well as the subconscious.

Only when the principles are applied, is the book worth reading. To reach your goals, it takes patience, time and effort.

You can tap into the infinite resources of your subconscious mind by letting go the ego. Focus on the end goal, and don’t worry about the outcome. It can be difficult, but it is possible. Fear, self doubt, procrastination and lethargy can all be obstacles to your progress. The book “The power and control of your subconscious mind by Joseph Murphy” contains many resources that can be helpful in everyday life.