How Much Would You Need To Pay If You Hire A Bodyguard

You might believe that hiring a bodyguard is a luxury reserved for the very wealthy and renowned. In fact, today, a wide range of people of various resources and backgrounds hire such trained specialists to provide personal security from a wide range of potential threats.

The Existing Demand

With the current chaotic status of the country, there are several new problems and hazards confronting people in various scenarios. Whether you work for a well-known corporation, are an elected official, are involved in a contentious legal case, have access to highly classified information, or have personal concerns about terrorism or kidnapping, you may be at risk and would benefit from hiring personal protection for yourself and/or your family.

What is in a Name?

In books, on television, and in movies, the term “bodyguard” is frequently employed. However, alternative terms like “executive protection,” “personal security,” and “security professional” are sometimes used to refer to the same position. The function is typically the same, regardless of what you call it: the individual is trained to do whatever it takes to keep you and your family safe.

Different requirements

Depending on your demands and circumstances, you can obtain several types of residential security services London bodyguard agreements. Some people only need a single bodyguard for a few hours to accompany them to a special event or occasion, while others may require a team of highly trained security personnel to reside with them 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Furthermore, some businessmen, political leaders, celebrities, and other public figures may require temporary protection when traveling outside of the United States. Finally, at high-end establishments such as exclusive restaurants, hotels, and casinos, some bodyguards provide protection for a group of people rather than an individual.

What to Watch Out For

Many bodyguards are ex-military, law enforcement officers, or private detectives who have been trained in armed warfare and are prepared to respond to any threat. Keep in mind that a bodyguard does not have to be big and muscular, but rather a clever, well-trained individual who can provide you with safety on multiple levels, including anticipating potential dangers and effectively fending them off. Furthermore, some bodyguards keep a weapon (or weapons) on them at all times. Finally, you can employ a bodyguard who wears ordinary clothes to blend in with the crowd, or you can hire one who wears a uniform to scare away possible predators.

You can hire a private bodyguard who works alone, or you can hire an established security firm with all of the resources you’ll need to stay safe. Remember to conduct a background check on everyone you choose. Keep in mind that when you hire someone to file your paperwork or meet customers in a waiting room, you usually have time to teach them and get them up to speed on your operations. However, there is no room for error when it comes to hiring a bodyguard. In fact, a bodyguard who isn’t completely focused on the job could end up costing you your life, therefore insist on selecting the best, regardless of the expense.

To Find the Perfect Fit, Shop Around

When it comes to finding the ideal bodyguard or personal protection firm, there are various variables to consider. To begin, double-check that the person or company you’re contemplating is lawfully licensed to provide services in your state. You’ll also want to learn about the person’s or people’s qualifications and experience. You should also be aware of the weapons available and ensure that they are lawfully registered. You might also inquire about alternative resources that can be used to supplement personal security. GPS tracking and video monitoring software can assist in keeping you secure. Finally, verify references to ensure that previous customers were satisfied with the service offered. Because hiring a bodyguard can be a very personal affair, you may need to make some discreet enquiries to obtain the confirmation you desire.

Where to Look for a Bodyguard

If you wish to hire a bodyguard, there are several possibilities available in your area. You might want to start by checking your state’s website to see what regulations regulate this position. It’s useful to be aware that different states may have different legal names for this post, so look for personal protection officer and other variations until you find what you’re looking for.

Your state’s homepage may include direct links to licensed individuals and businesses. Alternatively, conduct an online search or use the yellow pages. You can also get referrals from coworkers, family members, and acquaintances who have used personal protection officers to keep them secure.

While locating someone whose services are properly licensed is crucial, it is not sufficient because certain licenses do not require considerable training or control. So, in addition to confirming license status, you need dig further to learn more about a potential bodyguard’s background and ensure that you are certain that you have hired the correct guy (or woman) for the job.

What Does It Cost?

The cost of hiring a bodyguard varies greatly based on the level of personal protection you require. The price is also influenced by the region in which you live. Bodyguards in New York City or Washington, DC, for example, can charge far more than those working in a Midwest town. Furthermore, even amongst large cities, there is variance. According to a recent study of bodyguards in various sections of the country, those in New York earn an average of $65 per hour (or $650 for a 10-hour day), while those in Los Angeles earn only $20 per hour (or $200 for a 10-hour day). The charges may be much higher if you employ these bodyguards through a well-known agency.

Furthermore, the level of threat will have a significant impact on the price you will spend. Clients with a high profile, like as celebrities and politicians, who want round-the-clock protection from a range of dangers will have to pay more than someone who only requires low-level protection for a few days or weeks.

For shorter-term employment, some bodyguards charge by the hour, while others charge by the day. Furthermore, certain longer contracts can be formed at a fixed fee for a set period of time. According to one expert, if the job demands travel outside of the country, the price rises to $900 per day. In addition to this fee, such security experts frequently charge for expenditures, which might include hotel rooms, travel, a car, equipment, and food. Consider this: one high-ranking executive claims to spend $70,000 per year on personal security (equivalent to just under $200 per day for 365 days).

As a result, the price can range from around $200 per day for low-risk threats to $900 per day or even more for additional protection outside of the United States or for persons at very high risk, plus expenses.

A Dog-Friendly Alternative

If you don’t require a full-time bodyguard but do require more security in your life, you should consider acquiring a particular protection dog. These well-trained dogs can protect you around the clock, 365 days a year. A dog that has undergone extensive training to respond to threats and protect your safety in any situation can cost anywhere from $5,000 to $20,000 or more.