Mindfulness Made Easy

If I have a bad day and want to be mindful of it, my mind is filled with all the reasons why I am having a bad time.

I attempt to shift my perspective to be positive and list things I am grateful for.

As you can see, mindfulness and me were not good friends for long periods of time. When we took a walk together, I tried to concentrate on the birds, squirrels and sunbeams while mindfulness left me. I would then be back on the treadmill thinking about all the problems in my life. My mindfulness was severely misdirected until I realized…


It worked for me to be present in my thoughts. It wasn’t about gratitude or keeping my mind in good places, but it was about being present in my mind.

This was the moment I realized how to slow down my reaction to life. Because I was not trying to do one thing and it didn’t work, but trying another. I was trying to understand why something was not working and looking for ways to improve it.

By listening to people and not forming my response, I became much more aware of what they were telling me. This led to better reactions. I could clearly hear when I was being challenged, insulted, questioned, or supported. I had a lot more time to think about what it meant and how to respond.

This naturally leads to…


I was able to see how my feelings about my life and those around me changed. I realized what I didn’t want and why I kept pretending I did. I knew I would hate it, but I said yes anyway. I said no and then came up with a polite, but firm, ‘I’d rather eat fries than help you move your house’. It was delivered without any angst or challenge. It gave me enough time to reply with “but I will show up at your new house with a meal and drinks if you call me and tell me when”.

This was just one of many benefits. It was a great guide to what I wanted and did not want to do, attempt, work at, experience, or feel about my life. It was easier to control my emotions by being aware of how any situation affected my equilibrium and taking immediate action rather than muttering “I should’ve said that…and that…and that…and that… and that… and that… and that… and that… and that… and that… and that… and that… and that… and that… and that… and that… and that… and that… and that would have been a great put down!”

Because of my presence and feelings, it became clear that writing is what I love to do. That feeling had been lost many years ago when I tried new things, discovered a few surprising abilities, learned about them, and was often distracted by opportunities that I didn’t want but didn’t realize I wasn’t interested in.

My writing flows seamlessly into my public speaking and leads to the spiritual mentoring that I offer. It’s a kind of coaching with a touch of simplicity and authenticity. All of it tied together with “It’s okay for you to be yourself, it’s who your came here to become.” Let’s make this more fun and empower! You can also get some bolt-on goodies.

All those things were my passion, but I didn’t realize they needed to be written-led. Because that’s how I connect to myself. I write down everything I see and feel.

How do you feel?

It’s important to remember, even if you have never tried mindfulness, that your heart is the one that feels and that it transmits that feeling to your brain for translation. Your mindfulness will be more effective when you’re aware of not only your feelings, which can be extreme in extreme cases, but also your thoughts.


All sorts of emotions can bombard our bodies and invade our minds. But once you realize that you aren’t really clear about what you feel, it is important to dig deeper to find the truth. You can begin to separate the random emotions from the truth.

An anxious mind can be diverted by emotional simplicity. I want to, I don’t want to, I might want it but I need more information. If I don’t do this my life could be destroyed. These are all clear messages.

Being authentically who and what you are means having a lot of personal power. You can direct your life in the best ways and get the results you desire. While I wanted to write a book, I also wanted to be a poet. But neither of these things worked. My poetry books are progressing well, but with more emotion. Poetry is an excellent tool to identify and flesh out your feelings. It also allows you to add some cool ideas that only come from writing. It is so much more powerful than words that are thrown on a page by logic.

Is Your Mind Full?

So empty it. Instead of dwelling on your thoughts, think about what is bothering you. Imagine that your mind falls through your chest and throat into your heart. Then, say to them, “Why don’t we chat and let us know the outcome, nice & clearly please”, then relax.

You will find your true self as you practice meditating on it. It’s not a good idea to focus on a butterfly solely because it’s a good thing. Your mind should be focused on what’s happening around you. Your heart should be telling it how it feels so you can either run a mile in one direction and shout “Thanks, but not for me!”

From Small Acorns

Giant oak trees are possible to grow. Trees that inspire dreams. Trees of experience. Career trees. Romance Trees. The trees that will shape your future.

Mindfulness that completely clears the mind is best achieved as a meditation practice. This allows you to take your attention off of your thoughts and let them float while taking very little notice of what they produce. Never forget to notice the amazing.

We have now got three parts.

  • If you don’t pay attention, it will be difficult to be mindful of your life.
  • It is important to pay attention to what you feel, not what you think.
  • The next step will be much easier once you have mastered emptying your mind and allowing God to send you all of your dreams, so you can realize the ones that are most important to you.

A mind full of brilliant thoughts and plans will be your reward. You’ll also find it easy to forget about all the irritations and focus on the future.

The wrong job will be eliminated, the wrong friendships will gently be dealt with, and the wrong relationships will heal or be changed.

It is amazing how much it makes a difference to know who you are and what your goals are, and not trying to be mindful of everything you don’t.

Have fun. It’s supposed not to cause you pain.