You Still Have Time to Make Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

We’re all looking forward to a fantastic Halloween party this year, especially after last year’s disaster. That means an extra epic Halloween costume. But don’t worry if time has slipped through your fingers and you’ve found yourself on the eve of October 31 with no idea what to dress.

We’ve put together a fantastic selection of the best last-minute costumes. Whether you’re looking for Halloween costumes for men, children, families (including pets), or just yourself, you’ll find plenty of inspiration here.

Do you know how to use a needle and thread?

From a magnificent White Swan tutu for tiny girls to a toddler-size Candy Corn getup, we’ve gathered the finest easy-sew costumes.

From balloon-infused walking bubble bath looks to humorous costumes from fast-shipping online merchants like Amazon and Walmart, there are lots of effortless ensembles that can be produced with a rummage through your closet and a quick trip to the store.

You’ll have a ghoulishly good time in any of these, but if you need more ideas, check out our adolescent Halloween costumes including Boba Fett costume and matching dog and owner costumes. Get ready for the best Halloween ever! Candy, candy, and more candy is the order of the day.

Pacman’s Outfit

This PacMan costume is incredibly simple to put together thanks to the fabric adhesive.

Pencil Outfit

You’ll be looking smart in this costume!

To make the costume, begin by: Get some pool noodles together. Spray paint the summer staple yellow (Rust-Oleum American Accents in Marigold is a good choice) and add brown paper-cone tips.

To make erasers, wrap the ends in pink and gray construction paper. With ribbon, encircle yourself with the bundle. Extra points if you wear a matching pointed party hat.

Halloween Krispy Kreme Costume

We doughnuts like to think we’ve been missing out on this adorable and simple outfit for all these years! Put on the shop’s aprons and caps, then hand over the sweet treat to your child.

Asparagus in a Bunch

Serve a little of your favorite vegetable dressed up as a costume!

Make Your Own Costume: Collect five pool noodles in a lime green color. Cut leaves out of purple and green felt (see template); each stalk will require 10 to 12 leaves.

Apply spray adhesive to the noodles, focusing it at the top. Pool noodles should be wrapped in purple duct tape. Suspenders should be taped to the back of the noodles and slung over the shoulders.

Librarian Costume (DIY)

Shhh! The idea of dressing up your youngster as a well-dressed librarian is one we like. What better approach to promote reading habits than this? All you’ll need is a library card canvas tote, a Peter Pan collar top, a cardigan sweater, and a plaid skirt—oh, and glasses, of course!

Blanket Picnic Costume

Make a dress out of red and white gingham cloth (or buy one) and decorate it with paper plates, children’s pretend foods, and utensils. (If wanted, add plastic ants!) More picnic fixings, like a fascinator created from a paper-covered cardboard disc, add to the visual feast.

Gingham Witch Costume (DIY)

We’re giggling at these country-chic witches. With this last-minute witch costume idea, your kids will be ready to cast spells in no time!

Create the outfits: Cut two black-and-white gingham rectangles measuring 31 by 20 inches each. Sew the ends of the rectangle together, leaving armholes towards the top. Sew a channel in the top 1 inch of the fabric, leaving a 1-inch opening.

Using a ribbon or string, weave your way through the channel. Pull the ribbon to gather it at the top once it’s on. Using black eyelet fabric, cut a 3 1/2 by 36-inch strip. Along the edge of one of the long edges, sew a hand-running stitch. To make gathers, tie a knot at one end and draw the string on the other side. Attach a snap or pin to the rear of the outfit. Finish with a pair of witches’ hats.

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